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Celtic Heritage Alliance

Supporting the local community while promoting Celtic heritage through events, activities and education.

Celtic Heritage Alliance a 501 (c) (3) organization continues its mission as a non-profit to promote and preserve Celtic culture and heritage through creation and development of Celtic cultural events, activities, and programs which facilitate education, workshops, musical performances and traditional competitions which include athletics, music and dance.

In June 2018, organizers of this group successfully brought the Newport Celtic Festival & Highland Games to McMinnville, Oregon which has brought together 1000's to celebrate the seven Celtic Nations of Brittany, Cornwall, Galicia, Ireland, Isle of Man, Scotland and Wales.

It was brought to life through the dedication of our incredible sponsors, teams of local volunteers, and strong community support whose common bond is a desire to share in their Celtic culture.

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Meet Our Board

President Chris McLaran

Community leadership is a passion for Chris as he actively serves as past chair of the Board.... Read More

Vice President Ray Mabey

Community leadership is a passion for Chris as he actively serves as past chair of the Board.... Read More

Treasurer Dave Mahn

Dave is currently an IT Specialist who works for Hagan Hamilton Insurance Solutions in McMinnville.... Read More

Secretary Gretchen Yoder

Gretchen enjoyed attending Highland Games as a spectator before being dared.... Read More

Andrew Anderson - At Large

Like many people, Andrew Anderson grew up in McMinnville, left during his youth.... Read More

Tony Shouldis - At Large

Tony has lived in McMinnville since 1997, moving to McMinnville after getting out of the Marine Corps.... Read More

Bill Wilton - At Large

Originally, from Michigan, Bill is a pastor and a real estate broker. He has been pastor at.... Read More

Rick Drakeley

After realizing Rick couldn't make it in professional bowling he started his cooking career in Salem.... Read More

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