Merlin’s Cave

Are you into spelunking? Does exploring a tunnel that lies beneath an ancient castle, shrouded in lore, sound like something that would float your boat? Then you may want to visit Cornwall, and Merlin’s Cave. Tucked underneath the Tintagel Castle, is just the opportunity for you to check both castle-crawling and spelunking off your bucket list!
While when the tide is in, you can navigate the chamber via personal watercraft, or when the tide has ebbed, you can venture through by foot!

Legend has it that the wizard Merlin occupied this subterranean dwelling, and discovered the infant King Arthur, who washed up at his feet. Merlin has long been thought to have been a protector to King Arthur, and here you can almost see the wizard shepherding the babe safely through the rugged cavern.

If you go, don’t forget your headlamp, or for a more authentic experience, a flaming torch!

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