Winter Weather, Scottish Style

With the potential (or threat , depending on how you look at it), of a “significant winter event” arriving soon here in the PNW, we’ve been hearing the great variety of terms Oregonians use to describe frozen precipitation! From a flurry, or a dusting, to a personal favorite, the wintry mix, there’s no shortage of ways to describe frosty weather around here! Thanks to , we discovered that the Scots have their own fun terms related to snow. There is snaw (snow), flaffin (snowflake), a smirr (light rain, sleet, or snow), and a rowster (blizzard). Then there are these – japple, lapper, slubber and glush – while those sound like funny characters from a great children’s book, they are words to describe the fun mess of slush we have when everything starts to warm up.
Whether you get just a flaffin or two, a wintry mix, or a full on rowster, we wish for you to have warm feet and a happy heart as you gaze out the window this Valentine’s weekend!

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