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about us

The Celtic Heritage Alliance is a not for profit organizations dedicated to promote and preserve Celtic culture and heritage through Celtic events, programs and activities throughout the Pacific North West. If you would like to know more about us…. Click here

Non Profit Organization

The Celtic Heritage Alliance is a registered 501c3 non-profit organizations. All funds, donations and profits are used to keep our message, programs and events going through out the years. Our board of directors and its counsel members are all volunteer. If you would like to donate or become a member or sponsor please click below to contact us.

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See the community we support

Our Events

We love our community and enjoy not just the support of our sponsors but the joy it brings those around us. Here are some of the images of our events and those that keep our Celtic Heritage apart of the community. Read More

Stay in Touch

Would you like to know more about our events? Send us your email and we will send you information including early access to tickets and specials! You can also support the Celtic Heritage Alliance by becoming a member today! All images and information are copywrited by Celtic Heritage Alliance and its partners. Updated 2020